Who We Are and What We Stand For

We are WideOpenWest, Inc. (WOW!), a leading provider of broadband services in the country. We presently reach more than 1.9 million consumers in 14 domestic markets, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast, and continuously look for additional market investment opportunities which meet our growth and service objectives. We take pride in providing reliable, affordable, high-quality services to ourcustomers, including high-speed data (“HSD”), digital telephony, wireless, business data and cloud services.Our broadband-first strategy is transforming our business, providing HSD services and our WOW! tv+ product across our service footprint.

Throughout our organization of 1,500 dedicated and hardworking people, we recognize the importance of the services we provide to residents and businesses in the communities we serve. Customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do. Central to our success is our vision of connecting people to their world through the WOW! experience: reliable, easy and pleasantly surprising every time. We view those in the communities where we operate, and where many of our employees live as our neighbors. We actively engage with these communities because strengthening them benefits both our customers and WOW!.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Connecting people to their world through the WOW! experience: reliable, easy and pleasantly surprising every time.

Our Mission

We deliver the WOW! experience one community, one connection, one customerat a time through our people, technology and solutions that matter most to our customers.

Our Values

Our philosophy is simple. We deliver an employee and customer experience that lives up to our name in all of our interactions, no matter how great or small. Our ongoing commitment to provide excellent service and create stress-free experiences for our customers is exemplified in our four core values: Respect, Integrity, Spirit of Service, Accountability.

Wow!’s Values

Respect: Treat others as they want to be treated—know your customer.

Integrity: Choose to do what’s right.

Spirit of Service: Provide the WOW! experience by being reliable, easy to work with and pleasantly surprising to each other and to our customers every time.

Accountability: Deliver value-enhancing work on time and as needed, utilizing our resources in their highest and best use. At WOW!, we understand that the diversity of our employees is one of our greatest strengths. We know that valuing each employee as an individual is even more than the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. We take pride in our inclusiveness and the power it represents, knowing that diverse teams are smarter, make better decisions, and connect better with customers.

We deliver an employee and customer experience that lives up to our name in all our interactions, no matter how great or small.

Core competencies

We create organizational excellence through five core competencies that underpin each employee’s ability to facilitate the delivery of a rewarding customer experience. Those competencies include keeping a customer focus, ensuring accountability, adapting to situational cues, collaborating with others and communicating effectively. We know that when we implement our values and core competencies in our day-to-day actions, we are delivering excellence to our customers and stakeholders.

A customer-first approach is critical to everything WOW! does. Our commercial and residential customers have unique needs. We determine optimal services for each customer, customizing solutions as needed. But delivering the WOW! experience means we need to do more. We remain accountable for the work we provide to our customers after implementation, just as we do when collaborating with our internal partners. We act with integrity and rely on our collaborative culture to achieve these goals. Employees have the trust and support of others in the organization as they deliver services that live up to the WOW! name. Effective communication, which entails both speaking and listening, is a critical component of every one of these steps, ensuring accountability in the organization. Delivering on WOW!’s mission requires a thoughtful, helpful and timely exchange of information, both internally and externally.